Running the 42K Beirut Marathon 2018 in order to raise awareness about colorectal cancer and to pledge for SAID NGO, after practicing for 5 months with 542 the program created by BMA to train new runners from all ages for 5 months to run the 42k . #getscreened #coloncancerLebanon

Walkathon March 2019

5 days before launching the First campaign of awareness about colorectal cancer, SAID NGO organized the first Walkathon in the MENA region. The goal was to spread awareness about coloncancer and the importance of routine screening in preventing this disease to more than 1200 persons who participated.
Some of the slogans included:
  • Be fit do F.I.T.
  • March is colorectal cancer awareness month
  • March in Blue
  • Active healthy style
  • #getscreened #coloncancerLebanon